Mar 10th 2010 01:45 pm All You Ever Need To Know About Making Flower Arrangements

Making wonderful flower arrangements is becoming more popular but it is not just a case of chucking odd flowers here and there into a container. There is an art to this craft and it requires a lot of dedication, skill, patience and artistic flair to make the perfect flower arrangement.

In order to make the perfect flower arrangement, you need to begin with the right sort of oasis foam. The general rule of thumb is that brown foam is used for artificial or dried flowers. The green oasis foam is best used for a fresh flower floral arrangement. Take your chosen foam and place it in a bowl or bucket for approximately 20 minutes. Many people make the mistake of placing the oasis foam under a faucet. This will only serve to leave dry spots which cannot be seen on the outside, leading to wilting flowers. The foam should also be used once for a single arrangement.

Once the foam has been thoroughly soaked, you are free to shape it. The oasis itself should always be at least 1 inch higher than the sides of the container you are using. Cut angular corners into the foam all the way around it. You can choose to make one medium-sized hole or a few smaller holes to allow for frequent watering of the arrangement.

It is at this point that you can now choose the flowers that you want to use. You should then take the time to plan how you are going to place them in the container. The stems of the chosen flowers should be cut at at least a 45 degree angle before placement in the foam. The flower stem should also remain in contact with the oasis the whole time that it is being inserted. Should you need to remove a flower for any reason, ensure that it makes a fresh hole when being re-inserted. If you place it back in the same hole it may create an air pocket which will cause the flower to wilt.

It is worth taking steps to ensure that your flower arrangements last longer. It is advisable to always use a clean vase or container. The leaves on flowers that would be underneath the water should be removed before placement. This is because these leaves would quickly rot and leave harmful bacteria in the water.

It is also important that you do not place your display in direct sunlight as this will shorten the life of the arrangement. Try to choose a range of flowers with buds that are closed, about to open or in full bloom. This will make your floral arrangement more interesting to look at.

Many people enjoy making their own floral arrangements but some people prefer to buy ones already made. This is an easy option if you are short of time for a function such as a wedding or funeral. Different arrangements are available including wreaths, bouquets and table centerpieces.

Ordering flower arrangements for delivery is very simple to do, particularly if you do it online. There are many suppliers to choose from, most of which have a catalog on their website for you to choose the perfect display. The cost is usually cheaper too and your chosen arrangement can be with you in less than 24 hours. Online ordering and delivery is a more convenient, faster option when it comes to buying flowers for a loved one or for a specific function.

There is an art to making perfect, breathtaking . It is not just a case of throwing the flowers together in an attempt to make them look good. More information on this as well as .

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