Jun 5th 2010 01:07 am How To Flirt With Women: Some Pointers

How To Flirt With Women: Some Pointers

Every woman is different, so there is no tried and true Bible of how to flirt with women. If you really want to get a woman’s attention, you may have to try a few different approaches. Also, people’s moods change, so something that she might respond badly to one day might catch her attention on a different day. Here are a few things you can try.

Give Her a Compliment

Most women enjoy receiving polite, genuine compliments. If you tell a woman she looks beautiful, or comment on her smile, her outfit, or her hair, she will probably be charmed. Find something that you genuinely like about her, so that the compliment is sincere. Make sure you are being respectful, and not saying anything that could be perceived as creepy or too forward. You might think you are joking, but if the woman does not know you or your sense of humor, she might be offended.

Tease Her Playfully

If you can tease a woman, playfully argue with her, and make her laugh, that will go a long way. You want to establish a rapport first; don’t start out with an insult, even if it is playful. But when it done right, teasing and humor is one of the sexiest, most fun kinds of flirtation there is.

Follow Her Cues

There is nothing worse than a guy who does not know how to stop when the woman is clearly giving him signals that she is not interested. Don’t be that guy. If she gives you one word answers, avoids looking you in the eye, and seems irritated, chances are that she is not into you. There is a slight chance she could just be in a bad mood, but if that is the case, she will see you out later. Make sure that you are persistent only when you are receiving positive signals back.

Flirtation is something that is best taught by doing. If you get out there are try some different approaches, you will learn what works best for you, and what feels natural. Then, if you just keep doing that, the right person will find it irresistible.

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