Jun 5th 2010 01:08 am Tips On How To Talk To Women

Tips On How To Talk To Women

For some men, talking to women might be out of their element. They think women are hard to read characters and that no matter what they say, nothing will be enough. They feel stupid when they talk to women. Well, for you men that are out there, the women are in and we are going to give you some quick tips for how to talk to women. Before long, you will be chatting comfortably.

The first thing to remember is how you approach a woman. You don’t just want to walk up and say the first thing that comes to your mind. Many men do this and they have no luck at all. What you need to do is maybe start out with something nice. Now, when we tell you to compliment her or to say something nice to her, we mean something that is not non sexual.

If you can’t find something that you can compliment her on or if you would want to compliment her in a sexual way, don’t waste your breath. Rather, approach her and make small talk. If she keeps talking, then introduce yourself and allow the conversation to just flow. Some men don’t understand that women hate that awkward feeling that some get when the conversation just isn’t going the way they would have liked it to.

Don’t just talk about you. Be interested in her. Many women find that men do this more and more. Women love learning about men, but learn about her as much as she’s willing to learn about you guys. It’s all how it goes. Communication goes both ways. That is after all why you have two ears and only one mouth. Many will tell you it’s to listen more than you talk.

Last, but not least, make sure that you give her your undivided attention. There are so many things that draw us away from the chat that we are having. You don’t want to do this. You want her to feel as though she matters. You want her to feel as though you really do want to get to know her. If you are running late or have to run, swap information, but then do remember to get back to her.

When all is said and done, then you have a conversation going. These are the main things that you have to remember. Just relax and enjoy the chat. Only make it perverse if she takes it there. Learn to read the clues. When you do this, you both will have a fun time for you both will feel at ease.

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