Jun 5th 2010 07:25 am Why Approaching 2 Women In The Same Group, Is Not The Best Idea!

When searching   ,  we researched this extremely talked about subject. We found that boys and girls tend to flirt differently , for different reasons. But, they both anticipate totally opposite results to their flirtation. We are finding that , if you sit aside the results and you flirt just to be friendly then you are creating glorious opportunities for yourself, meeting women .

When meeting women , you could very well end up with a illustrious new lover. or you could meet a lady who becomes a excellent new friend. Look at it this way, if it doesn’t work with her she could introduce you to your soul mate. Weirder things have happened, just keep your choices open, when learning how to get her. That’s all I am expressing here.

So you’re out practicing how to get her. You go to a Alehouse and you are sitting there having cocktails. As you scan the room you find a girl that seems to be engrossed in you. A short amount of time goes by and you have interchanged fleeting looks and smiles with her from across the room. Now, you are really certain that SHE is attracted and would like to get to know you better by all means, send some wine to her. After all this is a exploration to dating women, right! Be adventurous , what is the worst that could happen she says no? So what! You didn’t even know she existed when you first got there.

One TOP lesson on how to get her, you must summon into mind that’s ALL it is at the moment, just a drink. never, anticipate her to fall psychotically in love with you and fall to kiss your feet. As you’re dating ladies you will find, at times it’s better to just send a drink, notice when it shows up on her table and smile, then look away. You should look back again later just to show her you’re still attracted .

If she invites you to her table, you need to keep your mind on the dialogue and not on getting a date. I have found that when dating girls , most females would like to know what kind of individual they are going out with long before the actual date. Just make a real exertion to get to know her. As well as, giving her the fair shake to get to know you before dating even happens.

Here’s a MUST know lesson on your quest to dating ladies , never move in on two females that’s in the same group. No gal wants to feel like second best. By this, I mean you need to stop yourself from approaching one female after another that are in the same group. All this does is make you look like a real failure . In the same sense, leaving all the women in the group thinking you’re a good-for-nothing . They may also think you are looking for any way to score . Quick Tip on how to get her; Even if you are, don’t ever show it.

Make sure it’s a heart felt compliment, when you’re complimenting a woman. The very worst thing you could do at this point would be to give out a line of bull . Remember, No matter who you are, you have something abundant to be noticed, everyone does! Take notice of that and then compliment her as she should be. above all else, be aboveboard .

Another quick tip on how to get her. You should never put your hands on a gal unsolicited , when you first meet anyway…..:) Some ladies do not object to some ‘touchy feely’ encounters, others are terrified by it. No matter who it is, you should always show admiration until you have had the favorable circumstances and time to know more about her. On the other hand, touching can be a nice flirty action, but it should be relevant to her arms or resting your hand just above her arms, until you know more about her. You could test her intimate space by moving a little closer. Always taking notice to her response . if this feels like she is distressed , then move back enough to abolish any threat she might be feeling.

Most of all, when Flirting with Females , you must respect yourself and she’ll respect you. When you’ll find that females seem to always fall for guys who are a little bit unreachable. You don’t need to linger , grovel, or act desperate around her. You need to always think of yourself as a special person and know that you have coming the very best that life has to offer.

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