Feb 20th 2011 11:47 am How Pheromones Play A Part In Sexual Attraction

There are very many hormones tin the human body that communicate different things within the body but pheromones actually communicate with other members of the same species. The main function of the pheromones would be but not only limited to letting members of the other sex know the senders sexual interests in them.

Depending on the species in question and the setting in which they are found, pheromones have been noted to do things as diverse as even sending clear warnings to other members that they are intruding on one’s boundaries and should back off.

One other important communicative function they have comes in handy when the species needs to make sure that they live and stay alive. For example when one plant is being chewed up by a herbivore, it can send a message to the nearby members of the same species to release some bitter tannins into their leaves that will discourage the herbivore from eating any more of them.

Most of these attributes of pheromones however are mainly restricted to the animal kingdom and are not available to the human species. The only discovery that has been found in human pheromones is their ability to sexually attract and amazingly even arouse members of the opposite sex.

The olfactory senses are the lead senses in humans when it comes to sexual attraction of the opposite sex. This has been the greatest inspiration to the manufacture of the new age colognes and perfumes that are being designed with pheromones at the midst of the main ingredients.

Thanks to the TV and other mass media the marketing of these perfumes as powerful tools of attracting members of the opposite sex was very succesful especially thanks to thousands of testimonials from various users. The bad thing about media is that it leaves so many people not knowing what is actually true and what has been fabricated.

The pheromones in question however have been scientifically proven to be more than capable of attracting or sexually arousing humans. The funny thing is that this is true even to members of the same sex. An explanation to back this fact was the synchronisation of menstrual cycles of women who are always together. Just their sweat is enough to have their body functions in synch.

So basically it is in this same manner that millions are being spent in making perfumes with pheromones as some of their main ingredients.

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