Mar 27th 2011 04:54 pm Dating My Friends Hot Mom

Do any of your friends have a hot mom? Maybe back when you were at school, one or two of the moms were hot? is still hot, although I left school years ago! There are plenty of hot moms around. Sure many are married, but there are loads more just aching to meet the right man, even some of the married ones!

It can be difficult to find a woman that is up for some no strings attached sex. They usually make out that everything’s great and they don’t want anything more, but then suddenly that all changes?

There are 2 kinds of hot mom. The first is the more mature hot mom, the second is a the young hot mom. The young ones tend to be your friends wives or girlfriends or maybe girls you went to college with. Dating these mom is OK, but there’s a chance that you’ll ruin your friends relationship or be accused of stringing along the single girls. Maybe they’re married, maybe they’re not, but the older moms are definately the way to go. Older women know what they want and aren’t shy to ask for it. My friends hot mom got a divorce last year and hasn’t looked back since, she’s still got that glint in her, and you just know she’s still mad for it.

Your friends is obviously technically out of bounds, but if she’s divorced and lonely?! Make sure you are reading the signal right here and tread lightly. Although she’s a hot mom, she’s still your friends hot mom after all. In all likelyhood she will leave you in no doubt of what she’s thinking and you’ll be bedding her very soon.

Your might just be the ideal woman to begin dating

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