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Jun 30th 2009 Interracial Dating (Date Your Own Race) #2

part 1 – Nija is upset because her brother refuses to date black women Interracial Dating (Date Your Own Race)

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Jun 30th 2009 Black Women and THUGS! – PART TWO

In part two of this three part series, I continue to talk about the men who complain about black women dating thugs and bad boys and how this is detrimental to success with women and dating.

I tackle this subject and discuss aspects of the problem THAT NO ONE ELSE ON YOU TUBE HAS DISCUSSED.

Don’t miss part three of this exciting discussion!

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Jun 30th 2009 Can You And Your Ex Get Back Together

If you truly want to get back along with your ex, you have to do a bit of soul looking. You have to be absolutely truthful with yourself. You have to decide if you and your ex get back together it will really make you happy, and you will not wind up down the same road that was the breakup in the first place. It’s always easy after a breakup to only think of the good times. It’s important that you try and be completely objective and think of both the good and bad times.

In reality, there are a few relationships that are undeserving of saving. If you and your ex spent more time fighting than you did doing something good and fun, then maybe you should consider moving on. f they were physically or verbally aggressive, it likely wasn’t a satisfactory relationship. If they were mentally unstable, you most likely are better off without them. If the relationship overall was a good one, and they were never aggressive, and they were of sound mind, the following should help you and your ex get back together.

Pestering and pushing your ex isn’t a great idea. If you attempt to consistently get in contact with your ex ; whether its by telephone, e-mail, text, or stalking them you are going to do more harm than good. They’ll see this as a sign of desperation. This will essentially push them further away than bring them nearer to you.

Don’t argue, beg, or plead with your ex about your past relationship. It’s easy when you and your mind are all alone. Your mind manifests all kinds of “wrongs” that you could have done. Even when your ex broke up with you they may have gave you reasons why. Now, you are doubtless thrashing yourself up over them. You probably wish you had not done those things. The past is the past. This is the present.

If you get it in your mind the relationship is at present over. You can’t go back in time, though you wish you could. Concentrate on what is happening now. The single thing worse than obsessively contacting your ex is to beg or plead with them. Make guarantees how you may change, etc…This will not help you and your ex get back together at all.

If you back off, give them some time, and live your life, you’ll be doing yourself an enormous favor in more strategies than one. You’ll likely become more desirable to your ex, because you’re allowing them to consider about you and miss you. You’ll also be helping yourself to live a happier, more satisfying life too.

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Jun 30th 2009 Sexuality & the Beauty of Women and Dating

So many guys will say, “But how can I Not be interested when she’s right in front of me (and waving her T&A)?!”

I agree that there is no denying some women’s beauty or sexiness no matter how you try to justify it, that’s why it’s time for some real answers, real results and a level of effectiveness that others just haven’t been able to capitulate.

So in order to not only ‘deal with’ the massive amount of prickteasing and sexploitation inherent in the women around you that you want the most, we have to dig for deeper answers instead of just accepting disempowerment in relation to them (which doesn’t equal sex or value).

If we can find REAL answers to their behavior we can understand them and see it for what it is at it’s root. Then we can put ourselves in the proper relational dynamic to the true sexuality of a woman and be massively effective with them.

So let’s dig a little.

Inner game fixes of trying to justify SOMEHOW that she isn’t desirable just will NOT work. Trying to align yourself to HER (social) reality by acting that you have higher social value or status than you do will rarely work until you morph into that different person and actually offer value on the social level which you’re playing.

Even IMPROVING yourself as a man won’t work if you’re still ignorant to the behavioral reality and relational dynamics that exist. I know personally because I improved myself consciously for 15 years and didn’t see any byproducts really evident until I was in relationships with women.

Some men will take the approach of ‘improving’ your dating skill and ‘approaching’ skill and I always knew that wasn’t the REAL answer and it isn’t.

You have to have something more grounded, something solid and truthful to leverage off of because you’re going up against massive social power she is representing.

Being a better ‘approacher’ or skillful talker is just the surface. I’m talking about BEING a true natural at all times and with women.

It’s time for Alpha Relational Dynamics. You see, you have to know and be grounded in your relationship to her 3 root behavioral characteristics if you want maximum effectiveness in succeeding with (unnaturaly behaving) women.

I honestly don’t see any other REAL way of dealing with a woman’s enormous social status and power than to understand the truth of her root behavioral characteristics.

Anything else is just superficial surface solutions that either don’t know the truth of women, can’t clarify it or are just adopting to a woman’s social-power reality in the first place.

I myself sought to find the TRUTH and I have clearly found it.

Now I can comfortably communicate with any woman on earth at ANYtime no matter her level of social status or independent development.

This is massively attractive to women even when I walk into a room.

I can see right through their socially adaptive (extremely sexy and flaunting) behavior and deal directly with the true woman inside of them. I’m completely unafraid around these women even though I used to be around the most beautiful ones.

Inner game tricks or body language techniques could not come close.

If you want real change, then I suggest understanding the truth of women instead of continuing to be ignorant like I was as a condition of social influence.

When you’re actually comfortable in relation to the amount of social power that they represent and communicate normally with them (like they want you to), then you’re going to be leap years ahead of the other guys including many dating experts who still don’t really get the full truth.

Cognition or ‘awareness’ is the opposite of ignorance. I will show you the secret of women when you seek more information (yes SHOW you).

You will find an entirely different reality where you will actually end up at sex getting what you wanted in the first place but the path TO it isn’t ANYTHING like you thought it was.

When you know this, you will be comfortable in the face of the most beautiful and prickteasing women in the world and know how to reach their true sexuality and raise their attraction in you fast.


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Jun 30th 2009 The Hidden Secrets For Successfully Dating Women

The single most effective way to date a woman is come from a place of power, confidence, and relaxation. Women complain that there aren’t any gentlemen left in the world. Men no longer open doors for them, when they go out to lunch or dinner they don’t bother pushing in their chair, and when they go up a stairwell he doesn’t walk behind her just in case she falls. If you want to date a woman you want to do it from a place of power, not of weakness. And just so you don’t misunderstand this, I am not talking about being controlling, dominant, or anything that involves anything bad. I am talking about learning how to date a woman the right way.

The most important aspect on how to date a woman is that you must eliminate all signs of insecurity, neediness, and nervousness. Women are attracted to men that are confident. “If a man asks me out and looks me in the eye as though he deserves a date with me, I will give him a chance,” says Diane, a 24 year old waitress who is also working on her master’s degree. “I’ve gone out with men who I didn’t think were that handsome, but once he opened his mouth, carried himself with confidence I found myself intrigued. I wanted to learn more about him.”

Before you can even date a woman you must first master the art of qualifying. This means that you must first have the confidence to approach a woman, talk to her, and see if she is someone who is worthy of your time. You should let her know that beauty is a common thing and that it takes a lot more than that to impress you. Men are very visual creatures and become attracted to woman much differently than women become attracted to men. This causes men the tendency to focus on one woman at a time. “To increase your chances of success with women,” says David DeAngleo, the founder of DoubleYourDating, “A man should talk to different women and ultimately choose the one that he really wants. If he doesn’t have any hangups about casually dating several women, then he should do so.”

Once you’ve found a woman that qualifies for your time, you should first meet up for drinks or some kind of activity. “The first date shouldn’t start until after the first meeting,” says Rod Cortez, the founder of TheDatePro. “Once you’ve set up the first meeting, you should spend about an hour or so getting to know her. If there is no mutual chemistry between the both of you then there’s no need to move onto the first date. But if there is, then it’s time to take it to the next level.”

After you’ve gone out on a few dates, you will know very quickly if this is someone that is worth dating. By dateing, I mean wooing her into becoming your girlfriend and taking the relationship to a more serious level. A big mistake men make is they will date a woman over the phone or during the first date. This communicates weakness and desperation and is not attractive to women. As a general rule of thumb, a man should wait for a woman to bring up any relationship talk first. But if she brings it up too early, such as the one the first date or during a 90 day period, you should simply say “it’s too soon to talk about that, I want to see where this goes. We can talk about it later.”

This way you are coming from a position of power and you are communicating to her that you are not in any hurry to taking it to the next level. Once you have gone out for a few dates the dateing process should begin. The most important part of the dateing process is to sit down and have “the talk”. You don’t want to make any assumptions about your relationship unless you have sat down and talked about like two mature adults. Once you have both agreed to be exclusive then you can start doing things that will make your time together more special.

Most men skip this process when trying to date a woman. They skip the qualifying steps and this ensures that they will end up with the wrong woman. After they have qualified her they can start introducing her to his family and friends. This communicates to her that she is special to you and that you are proud to be with her. Go on a getaway vacation, just the two of you. It doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. Even just renting a cottage or a nice hotel room with an ocean view for the weekend will allow you two to spend some quality time together. Bringing her a surprise gift or some flowers is a nice touch too.

Scott Patterson

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