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Feb 28th 2010 How To Approach Women: The Right Body Posture And Image How To Approach Women: The Right Body Posture And Image. When you make an entrance into a store or a room, a woman needs to see powerful body language and posture. How to approach a woman successfully includes having the right body posture and image. In this video, I break down the do’s and don’ts of how to approach women in terms of your body posture and image. For more FREE tips and advice on how to approach women in any situation, visit

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PART #3:

Video Responses to Anh Vu in regards to “WHY CHIVALRY IS DEAD”: and “GOLD DIGGERS”:

Check out “True Forced Loneliness” (TFL)

Upcoming Show: 2/27/2010 10:30 PM

“TFL night”
Call-in Number: (646) 929-0610–night

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Feb 28th 2010 How To Find Someone

There are many people out there looking for easy and hassle free ways of how to search for someone. Below is a discussion on some of the few ways that you can actually use to find that person you are so eager to track.

Chances are you have tried many other methods and have come across some crappy sites that are set out to scam you and not help you with your search. We have written this article with that in mind i.e. that you are tired of all the useless information being distributed all over the web by spammers who are after your credit card.

One of the simplest ways to track someone is to look him or her up in the database of government records. Government records contain various kinds of information about basically anyone in the country. You will often hear people talk about “public records’ these are the government results that are now availed for public consumption. So you can be able to trace the person that you want by looking in any of the relevant records based on the information you have.

The advantage is you do not have to go to any government offices to view them. These are simply accessible through the web.

Another thing that you could do is look through the white pages directory. These requite you to enter the person’s details like residential address…if you have any, their other personal details like name etc.. I know that is what you want too. Try using their last known address and take it from there. In addition to this one, there are sites that allow you to do a reverse search.

This is whereby you have an e-mail address, phone number it could be fixed or cell or a post box number. There are sites and agencies that can supply you with the persons contact details based on this information.

You can access some sites that offer a pool of resources and gather information from a number of sources, some of which I have highlighted earlier on. In essence there are plenty of ways to go about doing your search online. You just need to be more patience, more enduring and you should eventually land on the right page that will lead you to the person you are looking for. If times passes on and you can’t find that person just hire an online private investigator and live it all in their hands.

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Feb 28th 2010 How To Pick Up Women Without Really Trying

Men have been trying to figure out what women want for generations. If you aren’t having the luck you really desire with the ladies, it’s time to question not what they want or may be looking for, but what you really want. After all, the most efficient way of learning how to pick up women is to get in touch with yourself.

Here’s the secret many men never realize: women will come to you naturally if you are living a successful life and chasing your own dreams. You have to have goals of your own in order to meet like-minded women.

What’s the problem with the usual pick up lines and cheesy bar hang outs? The problem is women know you are trying desperately to pick them up, no matter how smooth you think you are or how witty and unique the line may be. If you want to learn how to pick up women worth picking up, you have to go at it in a new way.

Women tend to respond to men who are more laid back and who are not hitting on them every second of a conversation. They tend to go for the man who is entertaining, witty, nice, smart, and all of those other things, but who is not desperately trying to get her phone number. This may be because these men are rare.

Women worth chasing shouldn’t know they are being chased. Make them think they are doing the chasing, and that doesn’t mean simply pretending not to be interested.

Again, it all comes back to you and the action you take in your life. You are going to meet women with similar dreams, passions, and goals. You have to get in touch with what you really want for your life and go after it. This includes knowing exactly what kind of woman you are looking for.

You have to be open and keep your eyes firmly on the goals you have for your life. When the woman who fits naturally into the world you are building comes along, you will be able to spot her. If you have learned by then how to pick up women naturally, there will be no obstacles to attracting her with very little effort.

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Feb 28th 2010 Do You Want To Have Sex?

How will you know if the person you like wants to sleep with you? Statistics show that a lot of people have done the deed before they reach their 30′s. This is not uncommon since people nowadays have become more bold and daring in life.

If you are out with a woman you are attracted to, how can you tell if she shares your attraction? Body language is a good indicator. If she avoids touching you and leans away when you try to get close, you probably won’t have sex tonight. If she leans closer and finds reasons to touch you, you may get lucky.

It is rare for a person to convey his/ her interest in having a tryst with you in bed by directly saying “I want to get laid” (unless of course, the two of you have become so passionately close with one another).

There are some fairly accurate ways to tell if she wants to have sex with you. The trick for your is not to rush it. She may be interested, but may not be ready to commit to a physical relationship just yet.

The lips are a sexual signal. When women are interested in men they will use ploys to draw attention to their lips. The may lick or bite them or they may chew on a finger tip. This is the prelude to an invitation to kiss her.

Don’t confuse sexual signals with nervous habits. People who are nervous sometimes bit their lips.

If she touches your legs, or rubs her legs against yours it is usually a clear green light. If your are dancing when this occurs, it may not be as clear. If you aren’t dancing, she’s definitely interested.

If a woman rubs your leg with her hand, she is aware of the sexual arousal this causes for you. If she is engaging in behavior designed to arouse you, the chances are goo that she wants to have sex with you and probably very soon.

If the lady continually steers the topic of conversation toward sexual imagery, she is probably giving you signals that she wants to have sex. Discussing sexually charged topics is a way to create a passionate atmosphere and prepare the way for further physical contact.

If you introduce topics or sexual innuendo into the conversation and she doesn’t take the bait, you may not have the fun you were hoping for tonight. If she shies away from sexual conversation, she may not be ready to get physical.

Keep in mind that these tips do not apply to all situations. Your partner may simply be lip biting because of awkwardness or shyness. You need to use proper judgment for this.

When you are getting mixed signals from a lady, it may indicate that she’s interested , but not ready to go all the way yet.

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