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Aug 31st 2010 How To Organise A Speed Dating Event?

This clip serves as a teaching guide to businesses who want to leverage on the singles market. All the speed dating rules, logistics and FAQs are discussed

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Aug 31st 2010 Demi Lovato dating Joe Jonas VOICE INTERVIEW 2010

It’s like the happy ending to a Disney movie: A smitten-sounding Demi Lovato revealed Friday that she is indeed dating Joe Jonas.

During an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on his radio program, The Billy Bush Show, the host asked Lovato if she’d ever dated any of the Jonas Brothers, “Umm, maybe,” she said coyly.

“Which one? Joe?” asked Bush, to which Lovato said, “Yeah. He’s actually he’s my best friend.”

Pressing for clarification, Bush said, “So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?”

“No kind of the opposite,” the 17-year-old Sonny with a Chance star explained.

“Oh? So you’re dating him now?” asked Bush.

“Umm, yeah he is my best friend and he is incredible,” Lovato finally confessed.

Lovato described her Camp Rock 2 costar as a “complete gentleman,” who “treats me to the most amazing places.”

She added, “He’s perfect.”

Lovato first met Jonas, 20, on the set of Camp Rock in 2007 and toured with the Jonas Brothers the following year. The pair have long been rumored to be a couple, which Lovato had previously denied. The pair recently filmed a video for their duet “Make A Wave.”

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Aug 31st 2010 Dealing With a Breakup And How To Get Your Ex Back

 Information On  Dealing With A Breakup:

Breaking apart is among the most difficult things an individual can go through.The strain is unbelievable when . Actually when you’re the particular one who’s actually causing the breakup directly, it can nonetheless be agonizing and full of agony and problems. If you may be the main one who’s being dumped, the disappointment could possibly be mind-boggling. And so dealing with a breakup is tough. Fortunately, there is anticipation and encouragment for surviving a breakup as well as getting your ex back (that is, in the event you would want your ex back).

Getting yourself so as following a breakup takes some time and also furthermore takes understanding what must be done to help yourself. A few who experience this is frequently so confused and upset they do not have an idea about tips on how to feel better about life, their future and their selves. That’s the precise time whenever you should recognise the need to take some management and study the issues, that it is advisable for you to do to fix your broken heart. And there could be lots of belief.

Communication  is very critical , so do allow yourself to be active to talk  with those who have experience in this area. You can sometimes find help by using thismethod to help with the stress and depression breakups sometimes brings on individuals.

If you’re  and you want to , there is tons of hope and information for this, too. Think about it or otherwise, you can get each your life as well as your ex back by using proven resources in dealing with a breakup. It’s just a matter of studying the proper strategies and strategies for attaining each goal and putting them into action.



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Aug 31st 2010 Outdoor Weddings – Looking Good For Your Wedding

The romantic song lyric

“Love is in the air

Everywhere I look around

Love is in the air”

to me sums up , in a few finely crafted  words, as they are so romantic you get an overwhelming sense that love really is in the air. A loving couple set against a naturally beautiful background, nothing can match the atmosphere.

However putting the romantic aspect to one side for a little while, arranging your reception outdoors, whilst being very beautiful , can have its problems in particular for all the ladies  present . Keeping a hold onto a graceful elegant  look  when having to cope  with any number of unfortunate possibilities  of heat, humidity, insects ,wind and if you are really lucky showers  can test  any girls resolution, in particular the Bridal party (hopefully in your case  none of these will happen as hundreds  of brides do very year).

A few ideas here that will allow you to stay picture perfect throughout

I normally that we take things in the order that you will get ready for  your ceremony, in other words from the top down


The key to a good outdoor ceremony hairstyle is to keep it simple and elegant , when you are talking about  your look with your hairstylist ensure that everybody knows  you are having an ceremony. Get your hairstylist to fashion a style for you that looking after  and withstand  the strains of possible heat maybe a bit of a light wind. Time spent at this stage will keep you at  your best throughout  the ceremony and for the all  important photos that will be circulating in the family for ever,


As you are going with  an think about  a simple crown  or tiara of flowers, preferably fresh but in hot weather there are some very good silk flowers that will  keep  their, and your good, looks for the whole day. The  veil will probaby be hazardous especially if it is going to be a hot day, so if you if you absolutely have to to have one, or it is    family tradition then go with it please do but try to keep it short and if you can have it so that it can be removed  after you walk down the aisle


Take your style from nature  keep your makeup light and natural so that you do not start to ‘melt’ if it gets too hot. The same goes for accessories and jewelry light and elegant are better  for the ceremony, it all helps to keep you cool 

Wedding dress  

Take a look at designs that incorporate natural fabrics that breath such as linen, cotton or a fine cotton voile all of these fabrics will allow for maximum airflow and keep you looking and feeling cool and elegant. Select a design specifically  for an outside wedding ceremony, I’ve said it before but simple elegance will rule  the day go for a  slightly tailored look  that will not get blown around.   


Having to walk around all day  on grass, in high heels is something you will probably want to avoid, the thought of falling down the aisle should persuade  you to go with flat shoes or at least with a very low broad heal.

These few tips should help you to look your best whatever the weather turns out to be on the day and this way you will need only the lightest of touch ups before the photographs. Remember you are going to be looking at them for years so you need to look your best, have one of your bridesmaids keep a touch up kit with her so that you can do minor repairs to your hair and makeup.

Time taken now to plan your total look and style which you will have coordinated with the natural setting of your outdoor wedding will make the day less stressful and you will be able to enjoy your big day so much better. Have a great day!

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Aug 31st 2010 Getting the right DJ for your event

When planning a party, one of the most important things you have to keep in mind is the music. This plays a huge part in setting the right atmosphere. And if you do not have the right equipment or a large music collection, you will be glad to know that there are lots of that can help you with this. But it is important that the DJ you select is professional and will do a good job.

It is vital that the you choose must meet all the needs for your party or event, and their experience should be enough so that they can make suggestions that will set the right atmosphere. Make sure that you use the services of a DJ that has a great work ethic and some good references. Also make sure that you agree on a price before making use of his services.

When you contact your DJ for the first time, make sure that they can accommodate your needs such as type of music and also the lighting. This will ensure that your event is a much more enjoyable experience. Your DJ should understand the type of event that you are planning, and be accommodating to that. To make sure you select the right DJ, try and visit one of their events before agreeing to make use of their services. This will enable you to get a feel for what they do, and what their style is.

Some of the more professional and experienced DJs even have video clips that you can watch online. These are from previous events that they have done, and it will be a great experience to experience how they operate.

If you work through a company that has more than one DJ, make sure that you know which DJ you will get for your event. Your contract should state that, as you do not just want anyone on the team. You probably want the best DJ they can give you. Also be sure to check the references of the DJ you get, just to make double sure.

Also check that what the company or DJ offers you are what you will get. And make sure that you get a written contract and references that you can check. It is also advisable to see of your DJ has any type of training, and enquire how many and what size events have they covered in the past. Also ask them what they will be able to offer you that are better than another DJ can offer you.

You should also take them time to work out a playlist for your event, so that your DJ does not surprise you with songs that do not fit your event. They should also have a large selection of music so that your guests can make request through the evening.

As you can see there is quite a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the right DJ. But if you do your homework properly, you will not regret it. This will all help you to make your event a memorable one.

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