Apr 16th 2011 Objective: Why Women look for reasons NOT to Date you!

http://victoryunlimitedshow.com/ – On this Mission: Find out how you can stop “cutting your throat with your own tongue”!

Is there REALLY such a thing as “love at first sight”? Or, should it really be called something else?

What does a woman browsing a book at a bookstore have to do with her buying into YOU?

What 3 fronts are the success or failure of every brand new relationship always fought on?

Why do women ask so many questions about the women you used to date?

What does it mean when a woman says to you that you might be “THE ONE”?

What’s the best way to answer a woman’s questions without revealing too much, TOO SOON about yourself?

Why is the phrase “Who Knows” one of the most powerful weapons you can use to keep a woman interested in you?

Should you ever lie about your past to new women you meet?

When is the right time to reveal things about your past to the new woman that you’re dating? Or better yet—–is there EVER a good time?

How do you avoid getting ambushed by big mistakes you made with women from your past?

Why is it true that YOU are always your greatest competition?

Find out all this and MORE on today’s mission!

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Mar 21st 2011 Dating tip for women: How to approach a man, By Adam LoDolce, Dating Expert

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This is a dating tip video on how a woman can approach a man at a bar. Adam LoDolce is a college speaker, dating coach, and a dating expert on how to meet new people.

Duration : 0:1:31

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Mar 10th 2011 Attracting And Seducing Women: How To Use ‘Option Limitation’ To Undoubtedly Enhance Your Performance

Acquiring girls to feel an attraction for you – that isn’t simply based on your looks, the contents of your wallet or the vehicle you’ve got parked outside – could be certainly tricky.


After all, how are men supposed to know what each girl’s looking for with out asking?


In the event you DID ask, you know your chances would be small, after all, no girl wants a guy approaching her with needy questions – she wants a confident man who somehow appears to know what she’s after and can give it to her.


So how do you do it?


How do you turn out to be the man that effortlessly exudes confidence, dominance and presence, with out turning into an arrogant poser or desperate wannabe?


The answer lies in psychology. It is at the heart of all persuasive social situations, and absolutely central to the success of any guy’s attempts at attracting and seducing women. Rather merely, by learning the CORRECT psychological rules, principles and tactics, any guy can play and WIN at the game of seduction. For example, let’s take a look at 1 such psychological technique, that used correctly boosts any guy’s chance of acquiring a girl’s number or hooking up with her at a later date by at  least 50%, each and each time he uses it. It’s referred to as option limitation and works on the following principle of human nature:


When someone’s presented with only a single choice, typically their natural reaction might be to rebel against it and go their own way. Having said that, when given 2 or 3 selections, the opposite occurs: they really feel their intellectual freedom has been respected and they make their selection from the variety of alternatives they’ve been presented with. Like many others, learning may be difficult to you. However, do some research and you’ll begin to find that it’s not that difficult.


You may use this universal psychological principle when picking-up or seducing a woman by carefully constructing how you pose crucial questions or phrases whilst talking to her.


For instance, most men feel saying: “Can I have your number?” is an okay method to finish a conversation that’s gone well with a girl. But a a lot much more powerful and efficient way of saying the exact same thing could be to make use of alternative limitation. Something like: “It’s been nice to meet you. Shall we swap numbers or maybe grab a bite to eat along with a drink tomorrow?” What you’re performing is presenting the girl with a selection between very good and much better – whichever she says yes to, you win. When you only give her 1 option, as in the very first example, she’s likely to generate her own alternative, which indicates there’s a chance she will not say yes to the alternative you gave her. When she subconsciously recognises that she’s been given a choice between numerous outcomes, she feels her intellectual freedom has been respected and she chooses 1 of them.


So, generally use option limitation to give the impression there’s a variety of selections obtainable to the girl – even though every 1 is fine as far as you’re concerned. And to strengthen the effect of alternative limitation, generally attempt to separate the selections you give the girl with the word “or.”  When people today hear “or” they automatically recognise that they will need to make a selection, and for that reason do just that.


Choice limitation is just 1 example of how, regardless of whether they know it or not, men who are effective with ladies Create that success for themselves – not by way of luck or good fortune.

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Mar 8th 2011 Brent Smith – What To Do When A Woman Flakes On You

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When a woman flakes on you it’s very easy to pick up the phone and give her a piece of your mind but Brent Smith gives you a much more powerful response.

Duration : 0:4:22

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Feb 11th 2011 Tips To Get A Girl To Notice You – Four Crucial Things You Must Know

Is seducing women has always been your weak point? Did you always notice your college’s stud prance about and wonder why all the girls fall for him even though they know he’s a player?  Are you interested in knowing how to get a girl notice you? If you answered yes to the aforementioned questions, then you have already crossed the border and you are now in the battle scene! So, let’s get started now, shall we?

Having a girl to notice you is no big deal after you get to understand the basic principles. You would be amazed to know that getting a girl to notice you is essentially not that hard. All that you should  do is to arrange all of the required elements in perfect harmony and, bam! You have her in your arms longing for you to make her dreams of romance transpire, unveil the mystery and touch her with all your love and affection. You want that right? If you do, then here are some tips  you ought to follow to have the girl you’ve always dreamt of.

Dress up properly, smell good, and look hygienic:

The greatest turn off for girls is the hygiene factor. She won’t check out the brand of your clothes but she’d for sure see the way you dress up. Think it over – when you look at a girl for the very first time, what do you observe? Similarly, women will look into a guy’s personality. And, the personality is a combination of how well he dresses, how comfortable he is and so on. So, your very first attempt should be to get several decent shirts, bottles of mouthwash, and a great cologne. This is your preparation for your initial impression!

Talk to her eye to eye!

You don’t want your goddess to believe you are a flirt or that you aren’t  trustworthy! For girls, a man is trustworthy if he is manly. Look her into the eyes while speaking with her or when she is talking to you. Compliment her on anything you think is best about her. Make her feel at ease and please don’t get physical straightaway. Take things slow.

Familiarize yourself with her first

One major part that guys miss out on is about getting to know the girl. Girls love to be listened to, so you have to be her listener if you want her to notice. Here’s the secret – don’t merely listen to her and say yes to anything she says. Take a stand on specific issues so that you can  surprise her and make her yours. Read more about the best way to treat her on .

Be mysterious:

An excellent way of making a girl notice you is to be somewhat mysterious. She will try her best to find out about you, but make sure not to let everything out. Let’s say you tell her you have a goal in life but it is just for you and yourself to know. Believe it or not , she will be captivated by that approach and would like to know more and more about you.

Note: for those who have self confidence issues around beautiful women, look over to find out a good idea to make you be comfortable around any kind of girls, even the sexy one.

Still wondering how to get a girl to notice you? Well, if you try out these tips you will see astonishing results. Try to apply them and you’ll see that what seems basic can be a lot more effective than some complicated pick up strategies from all those bogus dating gurus. Learn more of this in .

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