Feb 12th 2011 How Can I Get my Ex Back With A Confident Attitude

Though a break with a young man or with a girl can be truly depressing, it does not need to mean that the relationship is over.  Even if the breakup should all of a sudden make you feel confusion and solitude, you might still feel truly excited to heal the injuries and jump right back in to that relationship with your ex.  If you’re asking “How can I get my ex back?”, then there are a couple of things you need to know.  If you learn the way to react following a split, and you become conscious of how not to strain the relationship even further, then to will be easier than ever.  

It can seem hard to keep up a happy disposition throughout your day following a breakup, but it is assumed by relationship experts accept that a upbeat and confident disposition can go a great distance.  Here are some of the ways a confident disposition can answer the question “how can i get my ex back?”

Keep your confidence – if you are asking “how can I get my ex back?”, then you should remain assured.  Rather than going around feeling gloomy, try to find ways you can keep yourself occupied and satisfied.  Keep the depression out of your demeanor.  Allow your old boyfriend or girl to grasp you are powerful and you are rather more than capable of handling such an emotionally charged situation, and also you’re capable of surviving on your own as well .

Remain socially active – If getting your ex back is your primary focus, surround yourself with well wishers, positive attitudes and good friends.  Show your ex that folk appreciate you, and they like having you around.  As more folk start to feel good about your presence in their lives, your ex will start to see you in a totally new light.  He or she will realize that yes, you’re a good person that they just cannot afford to let go of.  This is one of the finest ways to let your ex notice you in a new light.

Maintain a good appearance – Another solution to “How can i get my ex back?” is not to let your appearance reflect your current position.  You have to pay attention to every detail of your looks, including your garments, your make up, your hair, your stride, your shoes and even your voice.  It can be tricky to act happy or to take care of yourself following a bad breakup, but this is one of the finest ways that you can let your ex know that you are doing just fine , and don’t need to ask for his or her sympathies.  You are going to get back together like adults who are mature and responsible if you’re going to get together in any way.

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Jan 27th 2011 Dear Ian. (how to date a woman, trans or otherwise)

I am participating in “The Vagina Memoirs” which is similar to the “Vagina Monologues” but the pieces are written by the people performing them and are personal stories. It is mainly intended as a healing process for the people involved (all of whom are either female identified or female bodies or both). I wrote two pieces. This one was inspired by the fact that so many of the women in this production are very angry at men. I wanted to show that it was possible for men to be good. It also gave me a great opportunity to think about my identity as Woman in the context of my relationship with my boyfriend.
This is also a great example of how a man should treat a trans woman he is involved with. She is not something “exotic” or “extra exciting”. In my relationship the trans part of my identity seems to be more of an afterthought. I appreciate that. Men should learn from this!

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Jan 4th 2011 Learn Step By Step How To Get Your Ex Back

Wouldn’t it be great to have your ex showing up at your door or calling you out of the blue and begging to get back into a relationship with you? Even if you’re the reason the two of you broke up and the break-up was difficult, it’s not uncommon to dream of them forgiving you and wanting you back for good. From how to get your girlfriend back when there’s a new partner to how to initiate contact with an ex and more, it’s all below.If you don’t think that it’s possible to learn how get your ex back, then you haven’t read the ex recovery tips in this article.

The 7 Deadly Sins Committed By Desperate Exes

There are 7 mistakes that most men make when trying to win back their ex.

The mistakes are:

1. Calling your partner constantly after the break up.

2. Saying “I Love you” over and over and how much you can’t live without them.

3. Making empty promises that you’ll change your ways and will make your relationship different moving forward.

4. Foregoing all self-respect and begging them to take you back, especially sobbing on the phone and in person.

5. Attempting to reason with them to rekindle your relationship.

6. Resorting to arguing, blaming and guilt trips when all else hasn’t worked.

7. Doing absolutely nothing because you’re afraid to make things worse.

If you’ve committed any of these offenses, you’re killing your chances of reuniting with your lost love – for good. Since so many of those deadly sins seem like human nature, it’s no wonder that most guys never get their exes back.

Winning Strategies To Get Your Ex Back

Be Strong – Try not to cry in public, or often, if at all.

Reduce Contact – This is self-explanatory.

Spend Time Out With Friends – Breakups aren’t a great time for being alone. Meet up with some friends. It’s not important that you date, though it’s not a bad idea for everyone either.

Reclaim Your Identity – Your ex was probably attracted to your unique personality traits. Since so many of us tend to lose ourselves in a relationship, use this as an opportunity to reclaim who you really are.

Bottom line, it isn’t easy to figure out how to get your ex back, but it’s definitely possible, especially if that person truly is the love of your life.

Here’s a website that will provide a better way:

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Jun 26th 2010 ? Dating Advice: “What are your Rules for Dating?”

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* After boinking for the first time, guys you MUST call her later the same day. If you don’t, the girl will think you just wanted sex. (So if you did just want sex, then don’t call her until later.) At the very least, send her a text message.


Good: Have a great day, sweetheart.
Bad: Thank you, come again. Heh, heh.

Good: You were amazing. You are so hot!
Bad: You were amazing. You are so hot!… compared to the ugly beasts I usually get with.

Good: I had great time with you. :)
Bad: I had a great time with your [email protected]

Serious Dating Advice + Seriously Twisted Humor.


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May 20th 2010 Dating and Relationship Advice for Women: Episode 17 – 3 Ways to Meet Men

http://MyTrueLoveTV.com Host Katie Krienitz stands in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona and shares with you 3 ways for all you ladies to meet men (and one special BONUS too!).

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