Apr 16th 2011 Objective: Why Women look for reasons NOT to Date you!

http://victoryunlimitedshow.com/ – On this Mission: Find out how you can stop “cutting your throat with your own tongue”!

Is there REALLY such a thing as “love at first sight”? Or, should it really be called something else?

What does a woman browsing a book at a bookstore have to do with her buying into YOU?

What 3 fronts are the success or failure of every brand new relationship always fought on?

Why do women ask so many questions about the women you used to date?

What does it mean when a woman says to you that you might be “THE ONE”?

What’s the best way to answer a woman’s questions without revealing too much, TOO SOON about yourself?

Why is the phrase “Who Knows” one of the most powerful weapons you can use to keep a woman interested in you?

Should you ever lie about your past to new women you meet?

When is the right time to reveal things about your past to the new woman that you’re dating? Or better yet—–is there EVER a good time?

How do you avoid getting ambushed by big mistakes you made with women from your past?

Why is it true that YOU are always your greatest competition?

Find out all this and MORE on today’s mission!

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Mar 31st 2011 Pickup Women: The Number One Technique That Works Everytime!

http://www.davidwygant.com Do you find yourself standing in a bar every Friday night and not having fun? Do you want to know what works for me every time and how to avoid places that do not work for you. For more free tips and my daily blog. visit http://www.davidwygant.com

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Mar 24th 2011 The Magic Solution To Your Dating Problem?

To Join My Newsletter Click Here: http://www.TooShyToDate.com if you want to improve your conversation skills with women.
Stephan Erdman from TooShyToDate asks: If you could have a magic solution to your biggest dating problem or problem with attracting women, meeting women…what would that be?
He specialises in coaching men who are struggling with meeting women and attracting women consistently due to shyness or lack of know how by a combination of inner game and outer game principles, methods and techniques. More in his newsletter at http://www.tooshytodate.com

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Mar 10th 2011 Tips For Flirting: Power Secrets Of Flirting with Women

http://www.davidwygant.com Tips For Flirting: Power Secrets Of Flirting with Women. Want to make yourself rejection-proof when you’re flirting with a woman? Use these simple tips for flirting. For more FREE tips for flirting with women in any situation, visit http://www.davidwygant.com

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Mar 8th 2011 Brent Smith – What To Do When A Woman Flakes On You

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When a woman flakes on you it’s very easy to pick up the phone and give her a piece of your mind but Brent Smith gives you a much more powerful response.

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