Mar 29th 2011 Cheap, Easy And Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Valentine’s Day can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you are creative and avoid the cash cow hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day. You don’t need hundreds of dollars or to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date. There are plenty of romantic and cheap date options so do not worry if you are short on cash. So push aside all thoughts of short term personal loans, gather what little money you can afford, and start preparing for a sweet Valentine’s Day date with your significant other. Below are some simple, romantic and cheap date ideas to choose from:

1. Movie night

Are you both movie buffs? Is your companion a movie lover? You can hop from one cinema to the next watching the latest movies for under one hundred dollars. Reduce your expenses even more by skipping the popcorn and drink and you may have enough for an extra film instead. Imagine the romance and anticipation of waiting for the film to start while sitting with your companion and holding hands in a dark theatre.

Alternatively you can pack a picnic and cuddle on a blanket under the stars while watching a movie on the big screen at an outdoor cinema.

If your budget doesn’t quite manage this, you can download free movies online instead. Create a list of your favourite old school films, such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, download them online, set up your big screen by plugging your laptop into the TV monitor and settle in for a cuddly and comfortable movie night. Remember to make some popcorn and dim the lights as the final touches.

2. Picnic in the park

Eating and laughing with your partner on a sunny day, under a shady tree, with a light breeze blowing makes wonderful memories. Why not plan a picnic this Valentine’s Day as a surprise? You can find public parks in many neighbourhoods. Pack some nibbles, something to read or listen to, a blanket to sit on and then find a nice quiet corner of the park to relax in. Don’t forget to bring flowers for her as well.

3. Candle lit dinner at home

Bring out your master chef and prepare a delicious home- cooked meal. You can recreate the fine dining experience of a fancy and expensive restaurant in your own home. Cook a tasty meal, set the table with linen napkins and candles, dim the lights, play some background music and buy some wine to match the meal. What makes fine dining at home even more romantic is the fact that you did it all yourself – the effort won’t go unnoticed by your partner.

4. Breakfast in Bed

If you don’t have time to do something in the evening, surprise your partner with breakfast in bed instead. Receiving a fresh mug of hot coffee and homemade eggs on toast in bed on Valentine’s Day can be pure joy. Creep out without waking your partner, pick some wild flowers for a bouquet and place it on their bedside table. Seeing such beautiful flowers first thing in the morning is a great mood setter for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

It’s the gesture that’s romantic, not the money you spend. So forget about any thoughts of , bank loans, or credit card debt to get you through Valentine’s Day. These cheap, romantic ideas and a little bit of work are all you need for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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Mar 21st 2011 Dates Made More Enjoyable And Fun

So many people are usually nervous in relation to their first dates. This could get you to appear to be somebody who had consumed gallons of coffee prior to the date.

Prolonged silence is definitely between your conversations with your date, and you are hoping to come up with a couple of amusing lines that can crack the ice. However at times, you might be too late since your date has decided to spend her time with another person.

Dates should be invested in places where peaceful conversations can take place and one capable of finding out essential data about that person being dated. Some visit the movies which can be not a good idea in the course of first dates because both are unable to communicate in the movie house. A cafe is way better or a restaurant in which the two can eat whilst conversing. The two need to talk and relate to the other person, be aware of passions, likes and dislikes, weak points, advantages. These are important particulars that a person has to know of his partner to be.

Several bring their dates to incredible places, new holiday destinations and other spots of historical value. Journeying and studying interesting accounts about landmarks and beauty spots might be absorbing. Figuring out a lot about one’s country is able to keep one’s dater busy and jokes are certainly not required to humor her on this occasion.

In case there is rain, you cannot get out there and have a stroll at the nearby park or some other outdoor destinations conducive for talking and knowing one another better. On the brighter aspect, you are able to go indoors. Try several departmental stores. There, you will find numerous areas to have some coffee. Consuming coffee doesn’t take 4 hours or so of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing since you could confer with your time frame and get to know her better. Over time, try asking your date for a stroll at the nearby mall. Go shop for small things along with her such as garments and CDs. Save a while to go bowling, play video games, or find a book shop to share your passions with her. The primary idea is to interact with your date so that you can know her better. This can surely provide you with a way to bolster your chances of landing a date that can result in love and romance in the long term. With this thought, go to check out places near you for entertainment actions you and the date will definitely appreciate.

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