Dec 13th 2010 Interrupting Women and You Want a Date

I will be giving you advice on dating what you should do, what you should not do, and how you should act on dates

Joy Giovanni is an American actress, glamour model, and former WWE Diva. She is best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment, working on its SmackDown! brand.

Giovanni won the 2001 L.A. Model Expo.[1] She competed in the 2004 and 2005 Lingerie Bowl events.

Giovanni was in the Avenged Sevenfold music video for “Beast and the Harlot”. She appears about two minutes and thirty seconds into the music video and performs in a sensual pole dance followed by a lesbian scene with the harlot which lasts just over a minute. She loses her soul upon making contact with the harlot. Giovanni has is also an avid fan of pork rinds. She admits to indulging herself frequently while on the road.

She was also a panelist for the G4 show Video Game Vixens.[1] In 2004 and 2005, respectively, she appeared in two films: Instinct vs. Reason and When All Else Fails.[1]

Giovanni participated in 2004 Diva Search, though after finishing third place in the competition, WWE signed her to a contract just a few days after her elimination.[2] Joy debuted on SmackDown! as a massage therapist,[1] and she began a feud with Amy Weber. The two became involved in then-babyface, Big Show’s feud with JBL, with Giovanni as the on-screen girlfriend of Big Show. The feud included a part where Joy was kidnapped and discovered, bound and gagged in JBL’s limo trunk in which at the time Joy and Amy was scheduled for a wrestling match but due to Joy being kidnapped Amy won by forfeit, as well as a backstage catfight between Amy and herself. After Weber’s departure from WWE, Joy won the 2005 Rookie Diva of the Year contest at No Way Out.[1] Beating out Michelle McCool, Rochelle Loewen, and Lauren Jones After this win she got involved in a feud with Dawn Marie along with other Smackdown! Divas where she helped Michelle defeat Dawn in a mixed tag match by getting Big Show as her partner after that she occasionally appeared on SmackDown! during backstage segments with other Divas or occasional bikini and lingerie contests she would soon get into a short minor backstage feud with fellow Smackdown! Diva Melina Perez before she was released from her contract in the summer of 2005.[1] Giovanni made a one-off appearance of her debut match during the 25 Divas Battle Royal to determine Miss Wrestlemania at WWE’s WrestleMania XXV alongside various other past WWE Divas.[3] Giovanni was eliminated early on in the contest

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Dec 13th 2010 Older Women, Younger Men

Two single people discuss the ‘age old’ question: Should older women date younger men? In this episode of Point/Counterpoint, Ally and Garret debate 2 different sides of ‘cougar’ question – in only 30 seconds.

Point/Counterpoint is a dating series developed by ( in which a yes-or-no dating question is posed to 2 singles, one who argues ‘yes’ and the other who argues ‘no’. Each person has 30 seconds to present their side of the debate and explain why they feel the way they do. To answer the question yourself, fan Zoosk at or follow Zoosk at and tell us your thoughts!

Created, produced, and directed by Juliette Tang.
Shot and edited by Jason Fairbrother.
Featuring Garret and Ally from San Francisco.

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Oct 20th 2010 How To Please Women – Crazy Redneck Provides Dating Advice – ExoticJess

Hey Everyone,

Do you ever need any dating advice? If so then you must see this. Ha ha!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Show me the love and share this video with your friends so they can laugh too. I luv you so much!

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Oct 6th 2010 Playboy Centerfold on Dating & Attracting Women (1/5) Interview with Victoria Zdrok on dating psychology, attracting the opposite sex and picking up hot women.

Click above to learn the closely-guarded secrets to meeting hot or attractive women. This course surpasses any other dating and pickup tutorial onlines by John Alanis, David DeAngelo, and Neal Strauss. Paul Janka synthesizes a new method to meet and pick up the women you want most using years of trial-and-error research, in the field video proof of actual pickups, and audio analysis to solidify understanding. Download it today at

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Sep 25th 2010 Dating Women With KIDS!!!! Real Talk With Kev # 3

If you have any questions you would like my advice me at [email protected] :)

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