Apr 25th 2011 Episode 119: HOW TO PLEASE YOUR MAN!

Shanda shares her 10 Tips in what pleases a man! – Shanda Says – Please CLICK THE FB LIKE BUTTON! ; Man and Wife TV, your source to learn how to have a better relationship and find love.Produced By: ADDiCTiVE NETWORKS: http://www.addictivenetworks.com The Man and Wife TV series online features a collection of Q and A videos with the funniest happily married couple in the world. The series includes original clips, interviews and intimate moments from the couples relationship that you will learn from and gives viewers an opportunity to talk about subjects and issues they would not normally discuss. Learn more about how to create a loving relationship and have an amazing physical chemistry from Man and Wife TV online. You can subscribe to ‘Man and Wife TV’ on Youtube and/or Itunes, get more information on our Facebook, Tweet us @ManandWifeTV and you can visit www.ManandWife.TV to learn more.Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ManandWifeTVWebsite: http://www.ManandWife.TV Twitter: ; http://www.twitter.com/ManandWifeTVFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/manandwife

Duration : 0:8:58

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Apr 23rd 2011 My Response to How to Date a Scorpio Woman. THE TRUTH!

I had come across a video that a woman named Janet Sciales had posted about how Scorpio Women are the most highly sexed, and going after whomever she can, and that we are aroused by power. This is all nonsense. She says you should ignore them, this is a lie!! Dont act like you dont care, that will not make us try, that will make us dump you on your ass! Her video, if you would like to see it, is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et5gnnO2nng

Duration : 0:6:13

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Mar 29th 2011 Flirting Signs – How to Know When A Girl Is Interested

http://www.learnhowtoseducewomen.com – In this video, I’m going to teach you the top flirting signs to look for. Knowing these signs is important because it will let you know when a girl is ready to be kissed, or more. As a bartender and avid student of seduction, I’ve compiled a proven system for meeting attract and seducing the women you desire. For more information, and a free 1-hour video seminar, check out my website at http://www.learnhowtoseducewomen.com

Duration : 0:5:52

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Mar 24th 2011 1001Kisses.com How to Date Japanese Girls and Women

Begin to understand how to date Japanese women and girls with xanDer & Karl @ restaurant in Tokyo. Self-eteem is the main topic of discussion.

You’re just 2 minutes from the Japanese woman of your dreams!

Duration : 0:9:59

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Mar 12th 2011 How To Impress A Woman (feat. Drew)

Now on iTunes!




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Check out my friend Drew’s channel at:
DREWnetwork: http://www.youtube.com/drewnetwork

Here’s the link to DREWnetwork’s original video entitled,
“How To Impress Women”:

YouTube creeps that appeared in this video are:











Sadly the YouTube upload compression does not do justice to the audio in this video. I tried everything but this is as good as it gets.

Duration : 0:2:15

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