Apr 16th 2010 Dating Tips For Women On A First Date

It is always a good idea to establish eye contact when you are out on a date, sometimes it just lets him know that you are listening to what he has to say, if he has a tendency to waffle on a bit, just keep smiling politely.

Always try to talk about yourself and let him know all the good things about you, even if some of them are a little bit fabricated, if he looks as though he is not interested then perhaps he is not the right person for you after all.

Do not come across as too loud or too shy on your date, this may scare some people, men are very picky when it comes to choosing the right girl.

Never be afraid to be yourself, if you have to put on an act to interest somebody then the relationship is not going to last very long.

Never try to exaggerate things, as long as you are natural things should go smoothly.

If you get the impression that your date is a little shy and nervous then why not try to help by making the first move, sometimes the opportunity is worth the risk.

Not all men are experts at reading the signs, it may be unfortunate but it’s true, they are not all experts in the romantic stakes.

It’s not always a good idea to wait for the man to ask you out, sometimes they might like it if the woman did the asking out, if you really like him then go ahead and ask.

It does not matter in this day and age who makes the first move, as long as the message gets across and you both know exactly how you feel for each other.

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Feb 17th 2010 Myspace Sarging – 11 Myspace Sarging Tips

Have you ever tried to pick girls up on Myspace? Myspace sarging is an easy and safe way to meet girls without the same fear of rejection experienced in the street or bars!

If you follow these tips on Myspace sarging, you will have a clear advantage over 99.99% of other guys on Myspace!

1. The first thing a hot girl is going to look at is your profile picture! If it is of you with a hot girl, she will know that girls find you attractive and she will feel comfort with you!

2. Aim to have a maximum of 40 photos on your Myspace profile! Any more than that and you would lose your intrigue which is critical in keeping her interested! You also don’t want to come across as somebody who spends all their life on Myspace!

3. Get some more photos where you’re out having a good time and chilling with some attractive female friends! They could be your Sister, cousins or sister’s friends for all they know or care, but this is incredibly important!

4. Get a couple of photos where you’re cuddling cute pets! This will show that you are sensitive, create more comfort with her and also prove that you’re not some psycho hiding behind a computer!

5. Never delete all traces of your ex from your profile! If you show that you have had girlfriends in the past, you create more trust and prove that you are good with women!

6. Show that you are interesting and fun! Get some photos where you’re taking part in extreme sports such as scuba diving, ice hockey, water skiing, break dancing etc!

7. Never show your relationship status! If you volunteer the information that you’re single, she will know why you’re messaging random girls on Myspace! You will also hand her an advantage!

8. Look through your profile for spelling and grammar mistakes and delete them! You need to show that your high value and educated!

9. Never use text language! You are not a 14 year old high school girl arranging to meet up with her friend!

10. Look through your wall posts for anything that betrays a boring or mundane existence and delete them! There should be no invitations to play poker round at your mate’s house!

11. The kind of wall posts you do need for Myspace sarging are posts from hot females inviting you out for a coffee. This creates even more trust, comfort and attraction!

You should now have an awesome Myspace profile, you should now begin properly! You need to check out our opening messages and send them out to hot girls! They have a proven track record of getting quick messages from girls, hooking them from message 1! Give them a go and good luck!

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Feb 8th 2010 How To Pick Up Girls Online

Have you ever tried to pick up girls online? If not, you are wasting valuable opportunities!

Ideally you should be using Myspace or Facebook as this is where the girls are and you can filter results to your specifications.

Follow the advice below and you will soon have an advantage over 99.99% of guys when it comes to picking up girls online!

1. Hot girls get messages from random guys everyday on Facebook. If your primary photo is of you stood next to a really hot female friend and she is enjoying your company, then this is proof that you’re not a lonely weirdo trying his luck!

2. She will then progress immediately to your photos (don’t you do the same?), so make sure you have plenty where you’re in the company of hot women! This will create immediate attraction and trust!

3. Never delete photos of your ex! Let girls see that you’ve been in relationships because they will see that women are attracted to you and that you are good with women! Half the battle is over!

4. Turn your relationship status off! If you message a girl and she can see that you’re single, then not only are you making it obvious about why you’re messaging, but you’re also being too easy for her!

5. Check through your profile for spelling errors and bad grammar! Make sure you don’t use any 15 year old girl text language!

6. Delete any applications or quizzes that give away the fact that you spend way too much time on Facebook! Your profile should be streamlined!

7. Delete anything on your wall that gives away the fact that you have a boring lifestyle! You should not be telling people that you’re off round your mates to watch Die Hard!

8. To pick up girls online, this is an awesome tip! Get wall posts from your existing hot female friends! The best wall posts are ones where they are inviting you out for a drink etc!

Make sure that you put these tips to use! The next stage to is to use one of our openers! Our openers have a very high rate of getting women hooked, making getting dates easy! We have many more cool tips to help you which will really make your profile stand out from all the others!

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Feb 7th 2010 Pick Up Artist Online Tips

Are you using Facebook and Myspace to find girls to date online? There are thousands of girls online and you really should be using this opportunity!

Make use of the following tips and you’ll soon know how to be a pick up artist online.

1. Your profile photo should be awesome as it may be the only thing that she sees! The very best photo you could have would be one where you are with either one or two very hot girls!

2. You should try and get as many photos as possible where you are with other hot girls. This way, any girl you message will know that you can be trusted and that you must be an awesome guy!

3. Also show some photos where you are taking part in awesome hobbies such as rock climbing or snow boarding. You need to get across the point that you are interesting and fun.

4. Never show your relationship status! If she can see that you are single, you lose intrigue and you are making it way too is for her, as well as obvious!

5. If you use Facebook, don’t poke, prod, kiss or cuddle people! Never use any of the stupid applications either! You should be way too busy for any of that!

6. Clean up your wall! Delete anything that makes you look boring or uninteresting! Why have you left on your wall, your friend inviting you round to watch Die Hard?

7. You need to collect wall posts from your hot female friends. Preferably they should be inviting you out for a drink, a night out at a bar or club, or a chat!

8. Remember that to be a pick up artist online you need to try and get across that you are busy, important, fun, cool and friendly. You can do this through your photos and by what people say about you! Don’t come across like you spend your entire life on the internet!

If you put all of the above in place then you are about ready to try your luck at being a ! You need to try our opener! You are almost certain of a nice response from any hot babe you choose. It is then down to how good your profile is and your responses to her to see if you can get a date!

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Feb 6th 2010 12 Facebook Sarging Tips

If you’re thinking of going Facebook sarging to pick up hot girls then you need to have an attractive profile and some openers that will get a favourable response!

Take a look at these tips to get your Facebook Sarging off to a flying start:

1. Get a profile picture that shows you with 1 or more really hot girls! It should look natural, definately not contrived!

2. I would show a maximum of 50 photos on your profile. Enough to show you have a life but not too many that you lose intrigue!

3. Get some photos where you’re doing some extreme sports such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing or break dancing (if you can do it!). Show that you are exciting!

4. Get more photos where you’re out partying and have a blast with other hot girls, creating more social proof and trust!

5. Get photos where you’re cuddling a cute pet! Any girl will love this and can relate to it!

6. Show that you’re cultured and well travelled by showing photos in front of famous landmarks! If she’s been herself, you have a conversation point right there!

7. Turn your relationship status off! Don’t make it easy for her by saying that you’re single! Make her work! If she asks you, then you have an indicator of interest!

8. You need to correct any spelling or grammar errors. You really have to show that you’re educated!

9. Don’t ever use annoying 15 year old girl text speak on your profile!

10. Close your profile to random access! She won’t need to add you as a friend if she can already see everything!

11. Delete any wall posts that give you up as a loser! There should be nothing on there that shows you up as being boring, stupid or lacking a fun lifestyle. Be ruthless!

12. Send out complimentary wall posts to your existing female friends. Hopefully they will reply asking you out for a coffee or a catch up. This will create social proof, trust and comfort!

Now you’ve put the above into practice, it is time to send out some openers to some hot girls! These opening messages have a one in three success rate at hooking girls from the start, making getting a date easy! We also have more profile tips to give you a clear advantage over other guys!

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