Apr 8th 2011 Interview (2). Mail Order Brides service Date perfect Latin Women at Amolatina.com now!_1.flv

Now we’d like to draw your attention to the next movie in the series of videos about the trip of men from America and Canada on the Romance Tour from AmoLatina in Medellin (Colombia). We invite you to watch the interview with another member of the Romance Tour. This is a single father who went for this romantic adventure to find a good friend and wife. The AmoLatina Company, in his opinion, is a team of professionals helping men to meet with real girls of their choice, of what he knew from his own experience … You’ll know his opinion about Amolatina’s socials …

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Apr 7th 2011 Searching For A Mate On The Web

The world has indeed gone smaller. With commercialism, globalism and the World Wide Web, everything can be had with the click of a computer button. People are living their lives to the fullest, enjoying materials, opportunities and liberated ways of life. We no longer have to abide to stringent traditions that for instance, dictate us to get married in our 20′s and have babies before our 30′s. The younger generation has more voice and control in our daily lives thanks to their presence in the digital and virtual world.

Despite this, many people with old-school beliefs still pressure the younger generation to follow their traditional footsteps. As much as the younger set want to live carefree and single lives for as long as possible for instance, the older generation will incessantly remind them that life only has meaning when you share it with someone and when you have had the chance to procreate.

Caving in to constant pressure, many singles of marriageable age will turn to the Internet to find a possible partner.

Social networking sites like Friendster, Multiply and Facebook also help these singles find a partner. In fact, the use of these sites facilitates the person’s quest, as the members of these sites are not total strangers to each other. At some point, even if the person involved is not someone you know, he or she is somehow related to a friend of a friend through these networking sites.

Other forms of media like instant messaging on the web can also help a searcher find a particular someone; however, putting all of one’s egg on a total stranger can be very dangerous.

A general rule in our lives is that with demand, comes supply. Thus, catering to the needs of millions of singles searching for a partner online, many dating sites have sprouted on the web to accommodate their demands.

These dating sites constantly update their databases so sharing of information such as gender, age, orientation, preference, hobbies, career, background, and likes and dislikes can occur.

When two people become interested with one another, further exchange of messages between them can help seed the first flames of infatuation, which could eventually lead into a real relationship.

In addition to web dating, the author additionally frequently publishes information about and .

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Apr 7th 2011 Interview (1). Mail Order Brides service Date perfect Latin Women at Amolatina com now!

We continue our series of videos about traveling of the group of men from America and Canada on AmoLatina’s Romance Tour in Medellin (Colombia). We invite you to watch the interview with a businessman from Texas (USA) (55 years), one of the participants of this Romance Tour. He runs his own business, and now he wants to find a lady for serious relationship and marriage. Cooperation with Amolatina, in his opinion, was an easy and friendly experience, offering real opportunities in searching for a spouse. The company provides transportation and accommodation in best hotels. All the people in Colombia are open, friendly and always smiling. And the atmosphere of Amolatina’s socials helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed in many chats and meetings with many girls …

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Apr 4th 2011 Black Dating: Did we get it ALL wrong?

So many misconceptions. Why and how?

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Apr 1st 2011 Unveil The Secrets Behind Cheating Spouses

Afraid that your marriage partner is cheating on you? Here are some information to help you confirm your suspicions. Source:

Changes in work attitude. Spouses who cheat usually go home late from work. They often have travel transactions and business trips to keep them away from home. You can personally visit your spouse’s workplace or ask a trusted workmate to confirm your suspicions.

Changes in behavior. You realize your spouse isn’t the “him” or “her” you know before. Their mood changes swiftly, sometimes they are cranky, then they are relaxed the next day, as if nothing happened. He/she spends lesser time to you and your children compare before. They are lazy at home and usually spend time outside. You also notice a major change in their usual routine.

Message of suspicions. Is his/her phone ringing at night? Is he/she transfering rooms when talking to phone? It is one sign of infidelity. You may also want to check e-mails, text messages, and even Internet activity. They usually deny when confronted.

Unnecessary buyings. Cheaters suddenly spend their money on unimportant things like chocolates, jewelry, or other kinds of gifts that aren’t for you. You find receipts in restaurants or even motels that don’t make sense.

Becoming more conscious physically. Sure, when you were in the courtship stage, appearance speaks just about everything important to make an impression. So, if your wife or husband starts dressing better-going to spas and spending longer time preening-and he/she is not doing it just for your anniversary, then it could point to an extramarital affair.

Changes in sex life. Two things are possible to happen. One, cheaters start losing interest in sex; they usually make excuses that they are not in the mood or are tired. Or two, their sex drive skyrockets, making you do wild and crazy things you have never done before.

When you are suspicious about your partner, you have to get the strong evidence and confront him/her on the proper time. You ahve to be ready to face excuses, lies or denials. Take action to save your marriage as early as no lost is happening yet.

For more great articles on how to catch your spouse cheating, you can visit

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