Apr 4th 2011 Black Dating: Did we get it ALL wrong?

So many misconceptions. Why and how?

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Apr 4th 2011 Dressing To Impress On A First Date (For Women)

First dates can be stressful so it’s important to remove some of the pressure on yourself by choosing what to wear carefully. It’s important to make a good first impression on your date but as your clothes reveal something of your personality it’s also important to make sure that you choose something you would usually wear. It’s all very well trying to convince him you’re a vamp in a skin tight little black dress but if you normally prefer to wear jeans then he’s going to be disappointed if you don’t keep up to your ‘vampish’ image on future dates.

One of the first rules of first date fashion is to dress for the occasion. If you are going to the cinema then you don’t want to turn up in a little black cocktail number – jeans with a fitted top and boots or shoes with a heel would be more appropriate here. If you’re going to be wandering around a gallery or museum flat shoes might be the better choice, not just for your comfort but because heels can make a lot of noise in quiet places! Likewise dress for the weather – you may want to show off your toned body but if it’s below freezing outside you are just going to look inappropriate and spend the night feeling uncomfortable.

You may want to turn on your charms to their full extent but showing too much flesh on a first date is a definite no-no and it may come as a surprise to find out that lots of men find too much flesh on display on a first date a turn off. You could send out the wrong kind of signals if you expose too much flesh so it’s important to tone it down a bit. Save that look for a future date when you really want to keep him hooked! That doesn’t mean that you should dress too conservatively just don’t overdo it.

Another interesting tip to take on board is that you should avoid certain items of clothing that many men seem to dislike. Save the high fashion for a night out with your friends if you like to experiment with the latest trends as many men just don’t ‘get’ the more extreme female fashions. A recent poll showed that items of women’s’ clothing that men particularly dislike include harem pants, Ugg boots, gladiator sandals, dungarees, leggings and huge sunglasses – don’t say we didn’t tell you!

The final first date fashion tip is to emphasize your best features. If you have a curvy figure then a hint of cleavage and an outfit that accentuates your waist is a good choice. Perhaps your long legs are your best feature? Or maybe you have a cute behind? If you wear something that shows off a good part of your body to its best without revealing too much flesh you can look sexy and feminine but not too over done.

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Apr 1st 2011 Reasons why women cause drama and what to do about it!

http://www.askhotalphafemale.com/newoffer – Get instant access to “Secrets to Gauging and Triggering A Woman’s Attraction

Blog: http://www.hotalphafemale.com

I’m sure all of you have experienced a woman being dramatic. I know how scary and confusing this must be for someone who doesn’t know exactly how to handle this.

I will show you the two core factors which contribute to a woman engaging in dramatic behavior. This can include: picking fights, nagging, attempting to control you, being constantly moody and upset, being withdrawn, getting upset over the smallest things, acting needy, clingy, needy or desperate, wanting you attention all the time, or acting like a child.

So, what happened to this: cool, fun, easy going, and confident chick you originally met?

Well the good news is that she is not gone forever, although she may be temporarily unavailable unless you can find ways to bring her back.

Let’s first start with the two core reasons why she is acting dramatic.

1) She is bored – A woman needs to experience a whole breadth of emotions, from sadness to happiness. If you can coax her to express and experience these in a safe way, she will learn to trust you and therefore more able to open to you.

2) She is feeling insecure about something. Women experience insecurity about anything and everything! Usually it will be in the form of a threat to her sense of self, identity, or relationship with you. If you can restore her security then you can minimize her drama.

Here are the 3 ways you can minimize drama in the future

1) Acknowledge and recognise when she is not herself.

2) Be present and encourage her to express whatever emotions she feels.

3) Proactively encourage her to express her emotions on a daily basis to empty out her “negative emotional bucket”, so she won’t feel the need to engage in dramatic behavior.


Hot Alpha Female

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Mar 29th 2011 Flirting Signs – How to Know When A Girl Is Interested

http://www.learnhowtoseducewomen.com – In this video, I’m going to teach you the top flirting signs to look for. Knowing these signs is important because it will let you know when a girl is ready to be kissed, or more. As a bartender and avid student of seduction, I’ve compiled a proven system for meeting attract and seducing the women you desire. For more information, and a free 1-hour video seminar, check out my website at http://www.learnhowtoseducewomen.com

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Mar 21st 2011 Dating tip for women: How to approach a man, By Adam LoDolce, Dating Expert

Check out: http://www.sociallyfreetv.com or http://www.ultimatesocialfreedom.com to see more videos!

This is a dating tip video on how a woman can approach a man at a bar. Adam LoDolce is a college speaker, dating coach, and a dating expert on how to meet new people.

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