Apr 12th 2011 Dating Advice For Men – Ways To Attract Younger Women

Whether you achieve success in picking up younger women has nothing to do with your age or how substantial the age disparity is. You may not have read this in any dating advice for men book before but it really is spot on.

All that’s important is how you represent yourself to these women…if you like, your front or look.

This is similar to dating women in the same age group as you but, obviously, you will need to make a few adjustments to allow for the “younger” age.

When a woman, younger or otherwise, inspects you, what does she see? Whether you like it or not, she will form an opinion of you based on a number of things like the type of outfit you have on, how confident you look, the way you carry yourself, the words you speak, how you interrelate with other people and so on.

In fact, what she’s aiming to discover is who you are on the inside and if you have what she’s looking for. If you do, your age or anything else is beside the point. Women will always find you attractive so long as you have what they need. .

Now, that’s all well and good but how do you convince her that you are worth her time?

By putting a premium on yourself. You see, being older, you have got many things in your favor, like social position, experience, expertise and financial safety. This makes you a valuable and appealing individual.

But it is still not sufficient. What you have to do now is to showcase your value to these younger women to “sell” yourself, if you like.

And that is where you require advanced training. Let’s say you approach a much younger woman than yourself in a bar or cafe and your opening line is: “Hi, I couldn’t wait but I just had to come over and let you know how sexy you look.”

Youve just broken a very important rule of dating, which is to stay away from making any sexual connotation when you meet any woman for the first time. Using the word “hot” is a big no no.

Because of this, the younger woman will most definitely tag you as a dirty old man, which means that shes already concluded an older man does not interest her.

Once you approach a younger woman, you have to get control of the dialogue. Then, you start pushing her attraction buttons and “sell” yourself. Your aim is to determine whether shes attracted to you before you get to the next phase.

Thats where you use your great attributes to depict yourself as an appealing guy worth her attention… perhaps, saying something like this: “You know how you were telling me before how disappointed you were for missing out on those Lady Gaga concerts? I have a friend. If that’s OK with you , I could get you a couple of tickets”

These words pack a punch. They give her a clear message that you are somebody of high status to her…somebody who has a great lifestyle, knows people and get things done. Youve done it succintly , without making her want to bail out.

However, a word of caution. You should be prepared to satisfy her with the fine points of whatever you’re offering to do for her. You have to back it up. If she thinks you’re lying, its game over. If not, you’ve activated her attraction button, which is your first goal.

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Feb 20th 2011 How Pheromones Play A Part In Sexual Attraction

There are very many hormones tin the human body that communicate different things within the body but pheromones actually communicate with other members of the same species. The main function of the pheromones would be but not only limited to letting members of the other sex know the senders sexual interests in them.

Depending on the species in question and the setting in which they are found, pheromones have been noted to do things as diverse as even sending clear warnings to other members that they are intruding on one’s boundaries and should back off.

One other important communicative function they have comes in handy when the species needs to make sure that they live and stay alive. For example when one plant is being chewed up by a herbivore, it can send a message to the nearby members of the same species to release some bitter tannins into their leaves that will discourage the herbivore from eating any more of them.

Most of these attributes of pheromones however are mainly restricted to the animal kingdom and are not available to the human species. The only discovery that has been found in human pheromones is their ability to sexually attract and amazingly even arouse members of the opposite sex.

The olfactory senses are the lead senses in humans when it comes to sexual attraction of the opposite sex. This has been the greatest inspiration to the manufacture of the new age colognes and perfumes that are being designed with pheromones at the midst of the main ingredients.

Thanks to the TV and other mass media the marketing of these perfumes as powerful tools of attracting members of the opposite sex was very succesful especially thanks to thousands of testimonials from various users. The bad thing about media is that it leaves so many people not knowing what is actually true and what has been fabricated.

The pheromones in question however have been scientifically proven to be more than capable of attracting or sexually arousing humans. The funny thing is that this is true even to members of the same sex. An explanation to back this fact was the synchronisation of menstrual cycles of women who are always together. Just their sweat is enough to have their body functions in synch.

So basically it is in this same manner that millions are being spent in making perfumes with pheromones as some of their main ingredients.

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Jun 19th 2010 Dating Advice For Men: Create A High Impact First Impression

Watch Dr. A. Georges Sabongui from TrueLifeSkills.com as he reveals how men can create a High Impact First Impression.

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Apr 13th 2010 Why Organization Is So Important

Most people like to have an organized routine to their lives; there are many benefits to being organized.

Have you ever noticed that just when you are about to go somewhere, or do something important, you suddenly realise that you have forgotten something, and what makes it worse is that you have to rush about to try and correct the mishap before you can go about your business. If you would have been organised in the first place this could have been avoided.

Keeping an organized routine will give you more time to do the things that you want to do, you will e aware of where everything is and will no need to waste time looking for little things all the time,

It is really frustrating when you plan to meet somebody, whether it is a friend or a loved one and then you have to cancel at the last minute because something important has come up. What makes it even worse is that you knew about it earlier and that you just forgot about it.

If you are disorganized you may not want to invite people around to your home, especially if everything is in a mess. The same principal works for your place of work. Don’t you just hate it if a boss or a colleague comes into your office or workshop looking for something but they cannot find it because of the mess?

Being organized lets you do the good thing in life like exercising regularly at the gym, or spending more time with your loved ones.

Your work life will be better if you are organized. What’s worse than spending all day looking for the things that you just cannot find, or spending hours on jobs that should take minutes.

Another benefit of being organized is that you never have to buy the same thing twice or even three times because you cannot remember what you did with the original.

Being organized helps you to achieve much more in life. Being disorganized makes you waste so much time and energy. Be more organized and achieve all your goals but with less hassle.

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Apr 7th 2010 Why guys waste money on bad dating advice!

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